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Project Management Software by MinuteMan Systems; an easy way to make schedules, plan resources, and track costs.

  • Keep projects on time and on budget

  • Make best use of your resources

  • Easily create Timelines, Work-Flow (PERT) Charts, Reports and more

  • Track Critical Path Work and Events

  • Two project management software packages for single- and multiple-project planning

  • Easier to use and far less expensive than Microsoft Project  Read a comparison of our software.

  • Free trial and a money back guarantee. Try our project management software today

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MinuteMan Project Management Software

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Tutorial - What is Project Management?

According to Wikipedia, Project Management “is the discipline of planning, organizing, securing, managing, leading, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals.“

Simply stated, it is a way of organizing work rather than just proceeding on a day by day basis. It can be applied to work (projects) ranging from the simple to the complex; from organizing a party to developing a new product to constructing a building.

In managing almost any work you are often interested in;

Additionally, in larger projects, or where many people are involved, you may wish to address

Example Projects That Can Benefit from Management

Product Development – Whether you’re a small company coming out with the next great kitchen gadget, or someone like Apple developing a new smartphone, you will typically define your product, perform the actual design and development, manufacture it, and sell it. Each of these steps will consist of many smaller tasks. Many will be done in sequence;  first you design your product and then you manufacture it.  Some can be done in parallel; a marketing campaign can be ramped up in while design and manufacture are still going on. 

Constructing a building or house - This is actually a good demonstration of project management.  Building a house involves a number of very different steps performed by a variety of people, which must be done in a particular order and hopefully in a minimum of time and expense. Just a few of the steps are; site preparation, digging and pouring a foundation, framing, roofing, closing up, interior walls, plumbing, electrical, and finish work.  Once again some things must be done in the proper sequence but others can be done in parallel. Managing people is also important; if you are building several houses at the same time, you want to rotate your people through their tasks in different buildings efficiently; you don’t want to schedule someone like a plumber to be at two different job sites at the same time.

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